One-on-one support for queer refugees

At our centre in Potsdam, we help LGBTIQ refugees access support around issues such as sexuality, gender identity, coming out, relationships, discrimination, emotional well-being, bureaucracy and legal issues in a strictly confidential setting. Our services are also available to family, friends and advocates of queer refugees. Queer Haven works one-on-one with each individual accessing our services to identify the right solution and facilitates access to other trustworthy, LGBTIQ-friendly services. We are accociated with the Landeskoordinierungsstelle für Lesbischwule und Trans* Belange (LKS), which has been active in the Brandenburg region for over 20 years and maintains a solid network of LGBTIQ-friendly contacts in the areas of law, health care, education and professional development, politics and public administration.


Queer Haven also maintains close ties to non-LGBTI*-organisations working with refugees in Brandenburg. Here, we work to raise awareness of the specific situation and needs of queer refugees to expand our network of LGBTI*-friendly services and to be able to refer our clients to reliable and trustworthy organisations across as many areas as possible. Any information and data provided to us by our clients in writing or in person is kept strictly confidential. Clients can also access our services anonymously.

Our services are provided in German and English. However, on request we can arrange interpreters for other languages.Arranging a one-on-one appointment: Send an email or phone us. An interpreter can be arranged if you let us know in advance.


Phone number: 0331-81 70 770


Drop-in times: Tuesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm.


Queer Haven

c/o Landeskoordinierungsstelle für Lesbischwule & Trans* Belange (LKS)

Dortustraße 71A (courtyard)

14467 Potsdam